Summer Time Neighborhood Activities

kids boredThe summer time is a time when most kids look forward to getting out of the school. Parents, on the other hand, all spend time dreading summer vacations. Often, it means hearing an endless diatribe of “I’m Bored!”, “Lets Go”, and “I need a new game for my (insert gaming device)”. It is a trend that goes back as long as school sessions have been a thing. Every student is excited, then they realize, there is nothing to do at home all summer. Therefore, many parents are starting to search for summer time neighborhood activities to help them eliminate at least some of the “Mom…I’m bored” type comments.

Summer Time Blues

picnic for kidsThe summer is a great time for parents and kids to go on vacations together, but it is not possible to go on a vacation that lasts all summer for most parents. Kids get the summertime blues quite soon after school lets out for the summer and then parents get the blues because their kids are bored. To combat this, a lot of neighborhoods offer activities for kids. In most cases, these activities are free, and they can help everyone get beyond the blues. To lessen the need for summer activities, you may also decide that it is time to break out the board games or video games to have a weekly game night at your home. This will lessen the boredom and show kids that you want to spend time with them.

Picnics, Parks, and More

reading programsPretty much ever city or small town will have playgrounds or parks for kids to enjoy during the summer months. There are also places that kids can go camping or swimming in most areas. Some of these areas are going to cost a little, but most will not cost you a lot if you simply want to go spend a day somewhere. However, if you want to know how to swim kids, there are options at most public pools to come in and take swimming lessons.

Neighborhood Fun

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy spending time in the neighborhood. In some areas, you may have a museum that offers free days for kids during the summer, summer meal programs at a centralized location where all kids can go to get a free meal, and more. There are also some areas that have a Lowes or Home Depot type store that offers free kids crafting days. Larger book stores, may have a summer reading list for select age groups that allow them to read several books over the summer months. Book stores are the only ones, so chances are good, you will have access to one in your area Most public libraries offer story days for kids, but they may also have zoo keepers come in with animals, arts and crafts, or other fun things to do if you show up on those special days. There are so many things to do, and all of them can get rid of the summertime issues for your family. You simply have to look around to see what works best for you.