Historic Eaton Estate in South Forest Hill is up for Sale at $8,398,000

Month: December 2017

homesToronto is a beautiful area and there are some truly beautiful homes for you to see if you are ready to call it home. If you choose to live in the Chestnut park area, or anywhere nearby, you can choose from a variety of homes depending on what your personal style may be. There are homes near recreational areas, homes in the country, urban homes, waterfront homes, historic homes, retirement homes, islands with homes, and even homes that are already set up for raising horses or other animals. It is also where the beautifully designed, historic Eaton Estate sold for $8,398,000 and even though you may not be able to have that lavish estate, it doesn’t mean there aren’t others for you to consider.

The Homes

chestnut park home

In the city areas, there are condo apartments. Some of them are single story apartments and some are two stories. There are detached homes and semidetached homes available as well. If you move a little into the suburbs, you can have a townhouse for only a little more. The further you move away from the city, the larger the houses become, some reaching three stories.

On the water, which is a little away from Chestnut Park, you can purchase lake front properties that feature multiple bedrooms and cabin style interiors. Many of these homes have large windows that look out over the bay so that you can enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Things to See and Do

homeChestnut Park is a part of the national park area. This means that you will have plenty to see, including the Thousand Islands National Park and more. There is nearby fresh water and grottos. There are a lot of wildlife and swimming areas. It is a nature lover’s dream destination for hunting, fishing, camping, and much more to do all year long.

With its location near the city, you can enjoy many shopping and dining experiences. There are restaurants that serve all types of cuisine from fast food to sea food and more. Shopping centers and more are going to expose you to a lot of cool items that you can take home to furnish your new home.

Nearby Schools and More

Since Chestnut Park is a place for families, there are a lot of schools in the surrounding area. This includes both public and private schools. There are also nearby educational experiences for you to enjoy, both in nature and through museums that are devoted to this area’s history and the history of all surrounding areas.

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