Neutral Home Decor

neutral colors

Instead of bold colors, many people prefer to create a relaxing space within their home. It is most popular in bedrooms and living areas, where the goal of most homeowners is to simply be with the people that they care about. The easiest way to achieve a relaxing home is to use subtle colors. Brown, white, and other earth tones are the most favorite color options according to most, but others feel those colors are not great. The truth is, there are a lot of ways to make neutral home decor simple and beautiful.


Understanding Neutral Colors

neutral homes

Brown is a very neutral color, as is white, but those are not the only colors you can choose from while remaining neutral. Neutral is supposed to be calm, but cool, relaxed and restful. Typically, it is without color. Therefore, your color palette should include mostly white, ivory, beige, gray, and even black. They are the “colors” that go with everything. They keep it basic and therefore everything else in your home will fit, no matter what it is.

Making Neutral Happen

neutral nursery decorWhen you look around your home, you may have colored walls, colored rugs, colored furniture, and colored wall art. All this color keeps your eyes and your mind busy. If it is in your bedroom or the nursery, it can even make it difficult for you to rest. To make your home more neutral and relaxing, you first have to take away some of the “busy-ness”. Most professionals suggest that you start out with the biggest areas of your home. Instead of having color on your walls, go with a beige or ivory wall color. Your curtains can be changed to white and your carpets can also be changed to have less color. From there, you can get into changing out your furniture for lighter colors. Tan love seats, white chairs, off-white ottomans, etc. can all be your inspiration.

Spice It Up

neutral home decorJust because you are going through the effort to make things neutral, does not mean that you have to give up your decor that has bold colors. The truth is, in limited amounts, the brightest blues and pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and more can fit in perfectly with the new “neutral” areas of your home. It is a splash of color instead of a distracting color. It will be as bold colors are intended to be; accents. They are there to add the spice that can make the room still feel like yours, only more inviting and comforting.