Design Insight; Spring in Bloom


Every year, during the spring, the world comes alive. It is a time of growth when nature takes over and becomes magical. It is a nice break after the winter snows have begun to melt away. The temperatures get warmer and life seems to start fresh to the point that even the air seems to smell sweeter. With that in mind, we encourage you to bring a piece of spring inside your home as you celebrate spring in bloom.

The Beauty of Spring

spring decorWhen you think of spring, you most likely think about trees blossoming, flowers blooming, and birds chirping. It is the season where new life is born in nature and the world takes on the most amazing colors. You can bring that beauty inside of your home with very little effort, and perhaps keep it throughout the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights.

Plants to Bring Spring Home

spring quotesOne of the easiest ways to bring spring inside is to bring in flowers. Having a room filled with green plants and flowering buds will instantly add color to your home. If you are concerned about whether you can care for the plants or don’t want to have cut flowers in vases all around your home, you can always opt for fake flowers. The downside is that you will miss out on the wonderful scents that come with fresh dirt, blossoms, and nature.

Spring Colors

kitchen herbsMost everyone who thinks of spring and its colors will think of pastels and bright green. Therefore, we suggest that you stick to lighter colored decor during the spring months. White, lavender, yellow, pinks, and more. You can paint an old piece of furniture a pastel green or white and use it for a plant stand. You can have light colored curtains hanging up or create wall art that has springtime quotes. If you have a green thumb, you can create an herb garden in your kitchen using hanging baskets or shelves with decorative pots. Not only will your kitchen look spring-filled, but it will also smell delightfully inviting.