Chestnut Park Mortgage Rates

mortgageIf you are hoping to make Chestnut Park your forever home, you will be happy to know that there are some very reasonable mortgage rates available to you. However, it does depend on the amount of time you feel it will take you to pay it off and your credit when you decide it is time to purchase.

Posted Mortgage Rates

mortgaged homeIf you are someone who feels that you can pay off your new home in only six months’ time, you are going to have the option of a 4.45% mortgage rate. Over a year’s time and that percentage will drop to 3.20%. It noticeably increases back into the 4.64% range if you take out a mortgage for four years, and increases up to 6.75% if you are going to owe the bank for ten years.

Best Rates

pick your dream home and priceIf your credit is good and you have enough income, you can expect much more reasonable rates, even as you spread it out over the ten-year mark. With a ten-year rate, you could pay as little as 4.19%, which is better than a lot of the listed rates available.

Beyond the Mortgage

As with all home sales and purchases, you will have to decide who covers closing costs and other things. This isn’t much different if you are refinancing your home because you will still have to pay certain fees for doing so. All of these things also depend on the type of mortgage you are hoping to get. If it is your first, then you are going to have higher fees than if it is something you have dealt with before. Therefore, your best bet is to talk to someone who knows the prices and what they can do to help you get a home that you can afford in the Chestnut Park area.