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Historic Eaton Estate in South Forest Hill is up for Sale at $8,398,000


homesToronto is a beautiful area and there are some truly beautiful homes for you to see if you are ready to call it home. If you choose to live in the Chestnut park area, or anywhere nearby, you can choose from a variety of homes depending on what your personal style may be. There are homes near recreational areas, homes in the country, urban homes, waterfront homes, historic homes, retirement homes, islands with homes, and even homes that are already set up for raising horses or other animals. It is also where the beautifully designed, historic Eaton Estate sold for $8,398,000 and even though you may not be able to have that lavish estate, it doesn’t mean there aren’t others for you to consider.

The Homes

chestnut park home

In the city areas, there are condo apartments. Some of them are single story apartments and some are two stories. There are detached homes and semidetached homes available as well. If you move a little into the suburbs, you can have a townhouse for only a little more. The further you move away from the city, the larger the houses become, some reaching three stories.

On the water, which is a little away from Chestnut Park, you can purchase lake front properties that feature multiple bedrooms and cabin style interiors. Many of these homes have large windows that look out over the bay so that you can enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Things to See and Do

homeChestnut Park is a part of the national park area. This means that you will have plenty to see, including the Thousand Islands National Park and more. There is nearby fresh water and grottos. There are a lot of wildlife and swimming areas. It is a nature lover’s dream destination for hunting, fishing, camping, and much more to do all year long.

With its location near the city, you can enjoy many shopping and dining experiences. There are restaurants that serve all types of cuisine from fast food to sea food and more. Shopping centers and more are going to expose you to a lot of cool items that you can take home to furnish your new home.

Nearby Schools and More

Since Chestnut Park is a place for families, there are a lot of schools in the surrounding area. This includes both public and private schools. There are also nearby educational experiences for you to enjoy, both in nature and through museums that are devoted to this area’s history and the history of all surrounding areas.

Take A Tour Of Eaton Estate

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Neighborhood Services for Spring


enjoying springWith spring just around the corner, local businesses are starting to take inventory of what they will have available for the people in their area and families are trying to decide how much time they want to spend doing tasks. It is something that happens each year as families become busier and small businesses seek to expand and make it possible for homeowners to discover the services that they offer. Do you know of any neighborhood services for spring that you hope to use this year?

Busy Families Seek Relief

lawn maintenanceAs families grow and change, their needs and wants may change as well. They may end up with a bigger job to tackle or more errands to run with their kids. There are times when it is very hard to get around to mowing the yard, keeping pests under control, and more. This is where small businesses often find a way to make themselves a little more money. They offer services that people want in their local area. They tackle the chores so that families can simply enjoy living the life that they want to live. These services may include lawn maintenance, pool cleanings, pest control, car washing, dog walking, or any number of other things.

Why Families Need Different Services

pool servicesFamilies often depend on having someone come in to do the chores. It is not because they are lazy or unable to take care of it themselves. Most often, it is simply because they feel that they spend their week working and should be able to have a day off on the weekend, during which they can simply reap the rewards that they have worked hard to earn during the week. It is also easier for some families who may not want to have all the supplies necessary on hand to do the chore when they know that a local person already has them. For instance, a family that does not have a lawn mower may feel that it is easier to hire someone who has one than go purchase one for themselves. Or someone who has a swimming pool may not want to keep all pool chemicals stocked up with testing kits and a lot of different rules to remember about how often, how much, and more. Instead, they may hire a company such as Thomas Pool Service, who already keeps the necessary supplies and understands what should be added and when.

Cost Effective Simplicity

Virtually every family will have an opinion about whether it is cost effective to use these local services or not. In many cases, it could be considered more cost effective to have someone come in to do the tough stuff. A pool often requires a lot of time, energy, knowledge, and supplies to keep it clear blue. A pool service figures out a ballpark price for taking care of your pool and may save you from having to purchase as many chemicals, vacuums, and more. If a family does not own a lawn mower, an aerator, and other lawn care supplies, they could invest a big money to purchase them or they can hire someone for a hundred a week. It depends on what the family is able to do at the time. The same could be said for pest control services and all others. As a home owner, you get to choose the services that you feel your family will benefit the most from having.

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Moving in To Chestnut Park


moving dayMaking a move is exciting, but it does take a lot of planning. It may seem as though there is an eternity between deciding to move and getting settled in, even if you are looking forward to having a larger home, in a better area. The reason for this is that anytime you move, things get stressful. There are so many things to do both before and after a move. Moving in to Chestnut Park is no different. For most people, it is an opportunity to improve their life, but it remains stressful.

Packing Up

moving stressMost people have a lot of things in their home. It often takes a move to show them how much they actually have. It happens when they start packing up. They find that hidden corner of their closet, start emptying out junk drawers and scoping out their garage. Hiring a moving company is a great idea if you start to realize that you have more things than you believed possible to have. It will also allow you to worry about getting school transfers set up, mail address changes scheduled, and all the other details that you have to worry about before the move. However, you may want to pack up as much as you can of the smaller items around your home before calling in the movers. This could save them time and you a little bit of money.


moversAfter you have closed the door for the last time at your old home, you will have to deal with unpacking. This can also be a challenge if you didn’t pack up in an organized way. For instance, boxes labeled kitchen should be in the kitchen and mostly hold those type items. It will be easier for you to unpack if you are able to work from one room to the next. It could save you from having to look at boxes for months after you are done moving. Another thing that may help is for you to get help from others during this time. Asking family and friends to help you out and perhaps hiring a desk assembly service can help you set up your home office. There are a lot of services that can assist you with all types of projects. You simply have to look for them.

Bringing It All Together

It can take hours or days to pack up a home, depending on the size of your home and how much stuff you have to take with you when you go. However, some people plan for months to get everything set up. Planning can relieve some of the stress. It can make it easier to pack up because you have a chance to sort through your items and get rid of the things you do not need to take along on your journey.  Not everyone has the luxury of time. Sudden moves do happen at times. In this case, you will need a helping hand from everyone that you know to bring it all together, quickly.

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